Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I transfer data from my current system into StellarDoc?
    • Data that is exported in .csv format can be easily transferred into StellarDoc.
  2. Are we able to use this documentation to submit to Medicaid?
    • StellarDoc features a 'reports' option that allows you to pull a submittable report for submission and your records.
  3. Am I limited in how many users I can have on the system?
    • There is no limit to the number of users you can have!
  4. Is Stellardoc customizable?
    • We work with school administrators to customize program to fit each district's unique needs.
  5. Am I able to get paper copies of documentation?
    • Stellardoc offers completely paperless documentation, cutting down on hassle and documentation time.  However, if you wish to have paper copies, you can download your work.
  6. Is training available?
    • Yes! We offer online training, web tutorials and extensive users manual in a downloadable PDF.
  7. Am I only able to document kids individually or can I document multiple kids at once?
    • Stellardoc offers quick group documentation!